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NOTE: This is a private page for ONLY talent signed with us. 

Do NOT share it with other actors. 

Am I supposed to pay the service fee for Skybolt?

Skybolt is a requirement that we have in our agency. They DO charge a monthly fee to use. However, this is not anything that we profit from. We utilize their software by being able to submit talent quickly and efficiently to casting directors. Skybolt allows us to submit talent's profiles directly to the casting team. 

Where can I find the agency code for SF Casting?

SF Casting is a requirement for all of our actors to join. It is 100% free if you use our agency code that is located in the contract. 

Open up your Kit International contract and scroll down to the SF Casting page. The agency code is located on the page and highlighted in red.

How long does it take to be paid? Have I gotten paid yet?

By California state Law, Independent Contractors are to be paid within 30 days. This means, clients should pay the invoices we send out within 30 days. A failure to do so results in us reporting them to the labor board. 

Only contact your agency regarding payment if it has exceeded 30 days.

We will NOT hold your payment if it is sent to Kit International Talent. That is extremely illegal. Talent is contacted immediately when their payment has arrived from the client.


What jobs will you submit me to on SF Casting? What jobs should I apply to myself?

Do not apply to anything on SF Casting that talks about "plus 10- 20% agency fee". We can't stress that enough. Unfortunately, when talent do that we can't submit you on our end and it decreases your chances if getting called. Projects that are including an agency fee would rather work with talent who are signed with an agency instead of someone directly. They won't know you are signed with an agency if the agency didn't submit you. Anything else, you are welcome to apply for. Just be careful on projects that have an agency fee attached. We will always submit you immediately if they are projects you fit. SF Casting emails us about projects just like they email the talent.

When will I get my call sheet? 

Production companies typically do not send out call sheets until the night before. If you have not received your call sheet by 6pm the night before your shoot, contact your agency. 

Do I have any jobs or auditions coming up? Have you heard anything about my audition?

Note that we will contact you immediately to let you know if you have been selected for a job or audition. We will not wait to contact you as we have to confirm your availability. You do not have to contact the agency to ask, we will contact you when you are booked, have an audition, or on hold.


How should I prepare for a self-tape audition?

You should ALWAYS give yourself plenty of time to prepare for a self-tape. Do not wait until last minute. We say this because if by chance you need to re-film it, we are able to do so without any issues. 

  • Self tape auditions should always consist of slating. "Hi my name is ____ and I am reading for the role of _______"
  • Shoot behind SOLID backgrounds! 
  • Always send it unlisted via YouTube unless requested otherwise. 
  • Do NOT read scene for scene. Only read your lines.
  • If you have another reader, your reader should always be off camera. 

What do I wear?

Never under any circumstances should you ever wear logos, stripes, or anything "busy". Outfits should always be solid color. 

What should I bring to my audition?

You are required to bring an 8x10 matte printed head shot with you to all auditions. The head shot should have a 1" border printed with your name on it. Your resume needs to be stapled to the back.