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Welcome to Kit Int.!

Placer County's Premier Talent Agency; Kit International Talent is fully licensed and bonded in the state of California. 

Our mission is to help guide actors and models through the industry and help increase their chances of bookings and auditions. We are a very personable company and work diligently to assure casting directors and clients are met with a high level of professional talent.

What we expect from you:

When working with Kit International Talent, we require flexibility in schedule and self-motivation from our actors/models. You must be able to attend auditions, communicate with us, and keep your information up to date on casting sites that we use. We expect our Talent to have updated head shots, a properly formatted resume, and professional training.

What YOU can expect from us:

Open communication, guidance, and diligence when seeking projects that fit your brand.  We are a full service boutique agency and pride ourselves in the personalized attention that we give each of our talent.  In addition,

  you will receive career counseling on how to book auditions, build resumes, referrals, and invitations to special events hosted by Kit International Talent. 

Thinking of submitting? Here's some FAQ: 

Is there a height or age limit?

 K.I.T accepts performers of all ages. Heights vary upon division. 

  • Actors: no height requirement
  • Print models: 5'5" for women 5'10"  for men
  • Promotional Models (21+) - 5'2" 

What kind of commitment is required?

Full flexibility and availability. Auditions can be very last minute (within a 24 hour notice) and it is your responsibility to be able to attend those. 

How do I notify the agency when I'm not available?

We have two website platforms that we use for entertainers. You are required to "book out" on days that you are not available, so we do not submit you for anything that falls on those dates.

What divisions to you represent?

As a full service boutique agency, we focus on providing our talent with exactly what is best for their career. We represent models and actors in on-camera (film, TV, commercial), print, and promotional. 

Thinking of submitting? Here's some FAQ: 

Do I pay the agency any fees to get started?

No! We only make money when YOU make money. We abide by the California Labor law and only take a commission once compensation is collected for a job booked.

Will I have to pay for anything?

The only things you may have to pay for are tools necessary for your career. Professional head shots, casting sites, training, etc. You can CHOOSE where you would like to go for training and photo services. 

What does a minor need to obtain?

Minors are required by law to obtain an entertainment work permit through the state of California, a Coogan Trust account through participating banks, and we recommend a government issued ID before booking their first job.

How do I get started?

You can click "How to Apply" at the top of the page. Be sure to follow all submission guidelines. If we are interested in moving forward, we will contact you. Please do not contact the agency.